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The clay ore is an important mineral raw materials. Clay ore crushers play an important role in clay ore crushing plant, they widely used in clay ore mining industry. Clay ore is composed by a variety of hydrated silicate and a certain amount of alumina, alkali metal oxides and alkaline earth metal oxide, and contains quartz, feldspar, mica, and sulfates,sulfides, carbonates and other impurities. 

clay ore  clay ore crusher for sale

Clay ore crusher

Clay ore crusher in the course of large mill ore from the destruction of part of the formation of 75-25 mm sizefraction, with the ore in the same grain size and gravel with a stone the size of the critical products. Since the grinding process of actually making most of this product are not subject to the next broken.

Clay ore crushing process

DSMAC is professional minerals crushing equipment manufacturer and exporter. Both our jaw crushers and impact crushers are suitable for clay crushing. After first crushing, the material will be transferred to impact clay ore crusher or cone clay ore crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crushing. Then the crushed materials are transferred to vibrating screen for separating. Final clay ore products will be taken away, while the other clay ore parts will be returned to impact clay ore crusher, thus forming a closed circuit. Size of final clay ore products can be combined and graded according to customer's requirement. We can also equip dust catcher system to protect environment.

Clay ore crusher for sale

Besides jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher are suitable for clay ore crushing, DSMAC is founded in 1997, it has become a professional mining equipment supplier, welcome to consult us online or leave a message to get more information immediately, we look forward to cooperating with you, we can offer high quality equipment with best service and competitive price.

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