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Technical parameters

PCX sand making machine for sale

The PCX sand making machine (VSI vertical shaft impact crusher) is the ideal equipment for sand making and building stones reshaping. It can be used to manufacture ideal dinas and concrete aggregate. As for building stones reshaping, the sand making machine ensures that clients get high quality crushed stone with good shape.The sand making machine is manufactured with advanced world standard. The sand makers feature with high performance and low consumption. It is irreplaceable among all the fine crushing equipment.

Sand making machine working principle

Material falls down to impellor cavity. Under great centrifugal force, it hits material that coming downwards. After hitting each other, they force a vortex between impellor and shell, and hit each other several times, finally smaller stone comes out, and goes to vibrating screen. Satisfactory material is transported by conveyor belt. However overlarge material will go back to Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher to be recrushed. Output sizes can be made according to customer's requirement.

Sand making machine used for aggregate, concrete crushing

The sand making machine has been widely used for material crushing in the industries of building stones, metallurgy, chemical engineering, mining, fire resistant materials, ceramics, cement, grinding materials, etc. t is used for producing building aggregate,concrete,aggregate for road surface and roadbed,asphalt concrete and cement concrete

Why select PCX sand making machine?

1. The theory of stone hitting ensures low energy consumption and high crushing efficiency.

2. The process of crushing is intense with high crushing efficiency. Presently, this type of sand making machine is the most popular in the market.

3. The consumption of quick-wear parts is low.The sand making machine is designed with the best crushing angle within the cavity and causes little friction with wear-resistant parts.

4. The sand making machine requires 30% less operating cost than traditional equipment. It helps clients reduce equipment use-cost.

5. The cubic-shaped product is rationally graded with adjustable fineness modulus.

6. The sand making macine is lubricated with grease specially used by Mobil.

7. Non-crushing materials can easily pass the crushing cavity. The influence of feedstock humidity is reduced to a favorable extent. The moisture content can be up to 5%.

8. The sand making machine is so environmentally-friendly that it causes little noise and pollution when operating.The operating sound is below 75 db and no dust is created.

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