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Our company has introduced advanced roller press technology from abroad and combined roller press with the specific industrial and mining conditions in China. With our unique complete equipment and production technique, our company has successfully designed and manufactured a roller crusher which is suitable for crushing techniques and raw materials conditions home and abroad. Due to the efforts we have made to further research the process system and improve the reliability of main engine, the running rate of roller press system has come to the level of ball mill system. The mature roller press technology has injected new vitality to the grinding system.

The DSRP roller press equipment is for grinding fragile materials. It is used for grinding cement clinker, granulated blast furnace slag, raw materials for cement (limestone, sandstone, shale, etc.), quartz sand, iron stone, etc. The roller press can replace the ball mill pre-grinding system which has high energy consumption and low efficiency. It can also reduce steel consumption and noise. The roller press is quite suitable for new factory construction and old factory technological transformation. It can enable the ball mill system to raise yield by 50~110%. Among the materials after extrusion, 20~35% have discharging granularity less than 0.08mm and 65~85% less than 2mm.

The main working parts of roller press is fixed roller and activities of the roller, driven by the motor reducer mainly as a relatively low-speed rotation, when the materials continuous and dense to feed between the two rollers,the hydraulic system,through the cylinder, and roller bearing hundreds of tons of pressure to pass to the roller between the material, the material through the high-pressure extrusion, so that particle size decreased, the powder content of less than 0.08mm to reach 20-40%, less than 2mm of material to reach 60% -70% and after squeezing in all the materials present in a large number of cracks, so that material in the grinding process when the next one, the required energy consumption drastically reduced.

All materials in the pure to be crushed under high pressure, then through the classification, the small particles directly into the mill, coarse particles return to roller Press.

1. The roller press can bring excellent material extrusion effects with large amounts of fine powder.

2. Advanced welding technology enables the roller press to have a service life of more than 8000 hours.

3. Forged with extrusion roller alloy steel as a whole, it has high loading capacity and reliable performance.

4. Designed with a unique bearing structure,integrated with four lines of cylinder roller bearing and thrust bearing.

5. Safe and sensitive hydraulic system is functions reliably and is convenient to maintain.

6. The roller press is designed with Siemens PLC center total automatic control system.

7. Motor-driven feeding system is flexible and convenient to produce and operate.

8. Flexible crossing shaft torsion support has better adjusting performance.

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