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  • Pre-grinding Mill
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Working Principle




The pre-grinding mill is designed with a simple vertical structure and features hierarchical crushing, easy operation, low energy consumption and little dust. The pre-grinding mill is designed without sieve plate so the problem of blocking is eliminated. The crusher hammers uses a hinge structure making it convenient for replacement. Both the crusher hammers and scaleboard are manufactured with highly wear-resistant alloy and feature high strength, high corrosion resistance and long service life.

In pre-grinding mill, step with main shaft, bulk disk and roller bracket is driven by motor through reducer. Installed above bracket, roller assembly rotates with main shaft and swings freely meantime, this bring a large centrifugal force,which scatters bulk materials evenly in grinding intermediate layer between central roller and ring. The bulk materials are grinded into powder and fall on the bottom, and then discharged from discharging opening under the effect of synchronously-rotating scraper.

DSMAC designs pre-grinding mill for sale with features

1. The granularity of feedstock allowed is large (D≤100mm).

2. The granularity of discharged product is small (D D95≤0.9mm). Discharging efficiency is high.

3. It saves more than 25% of electricity.

4. The process flow is easy. The pre-grinding mill occupies little space and saves on civil engineering investment.

5. The resistant part has a long service life.

6. The pre-grinding mill features simple structure, reliable performance, low management, and operating and maintenance costs.

The pre-grinding mill is used for grinding various nonmetal mine materials.The pre-grinding mill is the ideal choice for technological updating or production line establishing in cement factories, mines, power plants, etc. The pre-grinding mill can be used for crushing loose iron stone, sand stone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, gangue, lump coal, etc.The pre-grinding mill has the features of high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, smooth operation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, etc.

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