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Simple Description

Technical Characteristic

Manganeseb blow bars is manufactured with hypereutectic super high chromium,our impact crusher blow bars(Manganeseb blow bars) have a service life 50~100% longer than those made of traditional high chromium iron.The special processing techniques ensure that our impact crusher blow bars have leading performance.

The crusher parts in impact crusher inlcude impact crusher blow bars,crusher rotors,crusher liner plates and so on.

1.reduce harmful elements.

2.high wear resistance.

3.high impact toughness.

4.uniform hardness product.

1.emply the external refining technology, effectively reduced the harmful elements,impurity and oxygen and hydrogen harm, greatly enhanced the abrasion resistance and impact toughness of the steel!

2. using proprietary metamorphic agent for modification treatment, fine grains,improve carbide configuration and distribution, and to improves the abrasion resistance and tenacity.

3.optimizing heat treatment process,make the product of uniform hardness especially,impact abrasion resistance becoming stronger.

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