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Over-head eccentric jaw crusher and double toggle jaw crusher


Jaw crusher is one of the common crusher machines, it is used as primary crushers, or the first step in the process of reducing rock, stone jaw crusher is used to reduce large rocks into smaller pieces of rock, like gravel. There are essentially two types of jaw crushers: overhead eccentric jaw crusher and double-toggle jaw crusher.

Over-head eccentric jaw crusher

On an overhead eccentric jaw the "pivot point" is actually the point where the toggle plate and seat mate, which is at the bottom of the swing jaw. The eccentric motion is created at the top of the swing jaw by a shaft that has a eccentric shape on its circumference. The shaft is supported on both sides by typically four heavy-duty bearings. To create inertia to overcome the resistance of the rock there is a large flywheel located at each end of the main shaft. This style typically requires substantially more horsepower to operate than an equally sized double-toggle style.

over-head eccentric jaw crusher

Double toggle jaw crusher

In a double-toggle style of crusher the moving jaw plate's pivot point is at the top. The moving jaw plate is typically referred to as the swing-jaw for that reason. The eccentric shaft is mounted separately from the swing-jaw and is located towards the bottom of the crusher. The eccentric motion is transferred to the lower part of the swing-jaw by the use of a shorter toggle plate. 

double toggle jaw crusher

Over the years many mines have used the double-toggle style of jaw crusher because of its ability to crush materials, including mineral bearing ores that were both tough and abrasive. While many aggregate producers have used the overhead eccentric style. There are many factors that should be considered when deciding which style would be best for your application.

How to select suitable type jaw crusher?

Important things to remember when considering types of jaw crushers includes the size of the crushing chamber opening and the length of the crushing chamber. The crushing chamber opening should be large enough to fully and easily fit the original material to be crushed. With jaw crushers, the longer the crushing chamber is, the more crushing power the jaw crusher exerts. Long crushing chambers are ideal for extremely hard material that requires more strength to crush.

Moreover, you had better have a good knowledge of your requirement:

1. What is the raw materials that you want to crush? What application was the jaw crusher used in?

2. What is the max. input size of the raw materials?

3. What is the min. output size of the target final product?

4. How many tons per hour is the production capacity of the equipment you required?

5. How worn are the manganese wear parts, both the jaw plates and the cheek plates?

If you want to select suitable jaw crusher, you can contact the customer service online to send your requirement and consult more information about jaw crusher for sale and other mining equipment.