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Sand making equipment is widely used in concrete industry


Since 2012, as real estate industry shrinks, and all the infrastructure constructions slow down, such as highway, railway and so on. While under this background, concrete industry is still hot. As we all know, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate are both needed to prepare concrete. And the sand aggregate plays a supportive role in concrete industry, and is the necessary building material. The physical mechanics performance of concrete not only is determined by the cementing material, but also is determined by the sand aggregate in a large degree.

According to the different sizes of sand aggregate, the sand aggregate is divided into gravel and mechanics sand, and they both have close relationship with concrete property. In most cases, a small project can purchase the sand aggregate in the near small quarry or rock plants. But in the national infrastructure projects, the amount of needed sand aggregate is very large, and the needed sand aggregate also has strict requirements, so the common small quarry can't meet their needs, and they have to equip grave production line and sand making production line to mine and produce sand aggregate. It is reported that more and more construction projects begin to build their own sand aggregate production line and building sand making production line, which brings the best chance for the sand machinery industry.

In fact, gravel production line and sand making production line is different. The sand making production line is mainly used to produce sand, and the major equipment is sand making machine. While the gravel production line is mainly used to process stones and rocks, and the major equipment is impact crusher and hammer crusher. It is said that there are various types of impact crushers in market in the world. While only the impact crusher and hammer crusher from DSMAC are widely recognized by the clients, which feature high capacity, high performance and low energy consumption. In addition, DSMAC also tells us that adding certain percentage of limestone will greatly improve the composite performance of concrete.

As sand making production line equipment develops rapidly, DSMAC will try our best to improve the technology of sand making machines and gravel production line equipment, and offer the most considerate service for our clients.