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Apron feeder manufacturers and suppliers China


Apron feeder manufacturers and suppliers China have been more and more popular as cement industry develops rapidly. As a professional mining equipment and crusher parts manufacturer, DSMAC offers worldwide customers all models of apron feeder for cement production. As assistant equipment, DSMAC apron feeder not only can feed raw stones and rocks evenly and continuingly into crushing machine, but also can transport stones and rocks within short distance. Therefore, apron feeder has been widely used for feeding and transporting in mining, cement, chemical and metallurgy etc.

apron feeder manufacturers and suppliers China

Apron feeder in cement industry

Apron feeder is one of the main equipment in cement industry. In all types of medium scale and large scale cement plants, apron feeder is suitable for feeding a large amount of loss, block and large limestone and other materials, especially fit for working in high temperature and high humidity conditions. Apron feeder is the necessary feeding machine for cement production in cement plants and plays an important role in cement production line.

DSMAC apron feeder features

The apron feeder manufactured by DSMAC has perfect design and long service. If any sleeper shock absorption tail part, central part has a number of special shock absorption roller bearing, to improve the bulk material impact on either side of the force conditions of roller and groove board, and improve the running parts of life; Drag chain and bearing chain separate, small dynamic load, increase life span; Plate type feeder can be installed horizontally, can tilt installed, maximum Angle of 25 degree.

Apron feeder for sale

Mining equipment manufacturer DSMAC supplies BW apron feeder for sale. As we all know, cement industry plays an important role in promoting global economy development, so a series of advanced limestone crushing equipment and assistant equipment as apron feeder and belt conveyor have been more and more popular. Moreover, besides apron feeder, DSMAC also offers ZSW vibrating feeder, WF Reciprocating Feeder, BDG Undulate Roller Feeder and other mining equipment. BDG Undulate Roller Feeder. What's more, DSMAC also can offer customers all models of crusher parts, such as jaw plates, liner plates, impact crusher blow bars, cone crusher concaves and mantles, hammer crusher hammers etc. As long as you send your required crusher parts drawings, DSMAC will help you process your satisfying crusher parts totally meeting your needs.

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