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Linear Vibrating Screen working principle

Vibrating screen is the main mining equipment, it is widely used in various crushing plant, vibrating screen includes circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen. Vibrating screen is a common screening machine.

Vibrating screen is widely used minging industry:

The fields that can be applied range from the mine to the metallurgy, building materials, electricity from the road bridge to food chemical. It is no exaggeration to say, no vibrating screen can’t produce qualified, high quality products. The more common used type of vibrating screen is circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen. In this article, we will share some details about linear vibrating screen.

The linear vibrating screen is produced by double unbalance drive units made by DSMAC. Like other linear vibrating screen manufacturers, we devote ourselves into improving the quality of our products, and you can trust this vibrating screener. The linear vibrating screen is able to handle the increasing feed rates and meet the versatile requirements inherent to primary screening, sizing, dewatering, depulping and deslurrying of bulk materials such as hard rock, limestone, gravel, coal, ore, oil sand and salt.

How does linear vibrating screen working principle?

Linear vibrating screen use motor vibration as excitation source, to throw the materials on the screen, while forward by linear motion, the material from the feeder uniform enter feed mouth of screen, through multi-storey screen to produce different size product on the sieving or under the sieve, then discharge from their output opening. Normally use in production line after crushing.

DSMAC offers linear vibrating screen for sale:

Linear vibration screen (linear screen) is stable and reliable, less consumption, low noise, long life, vibration mode stability, high screening efficiency and advantages.Linear vibrating screen can also be of powdery, granular material screening and grading, widely used in plastics, abrasives, chemicals, medicine, food, building materials, carbon, chemical and other industries. If you are interested in linear screen, please contact us online or leave a message, we will help you solve all problemes.

Vibrating screen is one of the main equipment in coal crushing plant

Coal is one of the most important energy, which plays an extremely important role in social and economic development. For coal crushing,coal crushing plant is the best choice. Coal crushing plant consists of many types of crushers and grinding mills. As a professional crusher machines manufacturer,DSMAC can design and supply various coal crushing and screening equipment for one complete of coal crushing plant,such as jaw crusher can be used as the primary crusher,spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher is widely used as secondary crusher, and impact crusher is popular as tertiary crushing. More over, vibrating screen is necessary in coal crushing plant.
Vibrating screen consists of vibration exciter, ore slurry distributor, screen frame, machine frame, suspension springs and sieve, etc. This series screens are always used in processing minerals such as ferrous metals including hematite and magnetic and nonferrous metals including lead, zinc, glod and silver etc. This machine works in a re-circulating network with ball mill, which can upgrade the fineness of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Its efficiency is twice as that of spiral classifier. It adopts the high frequency and low amplitude vibration, widely for the process of powder in coal, metallurgy, electric, construction and chemical industry.
Then,how does vibrating screen work?
vibrating mesh screen consists of base,frame,rubber damping spring,low frequency electromagnetic vibrator,screen box,mesh screen,high frequency electromagnetic vibrator,support,angle adjustment bar and electronic control box. When the machine operate, the low frequency electromagnetic vibrator vibrate the feeder and output part of the mesh screen directly to move the whole screen. At the same time,the high frequency electromagnetic vibrator shake the middle of mesh screen through the rubber cushion. Different frequency vibrate conducive to the delivery of materials and grading. The mesh screen compound from three stainless steel screen layer, the lowest screen layer is high strength primary screen which is connected with the shake motor,the other two layers are workable screen in mine processing.
Vibrating screen is one of our main products,it can be used in many crushing plant,such as stone crushing plant,sandstone production line,limestone crushing plant,coal crushing plant and so on.The machine is high strength,reliable,high capacity and long service life.When the feed speed and density of the material is suitable, the size of material under screen is more than 70% on the screen, Screening efficiency is more than 70%. So the vibrating screen is being applied widely.
DSMAC supplies high quality vibrating screen that is designed to work at resonance state in order to save energy. If you are interested in vibrating screen,you can tell us your requirements to get more information immediately.

Some Tips of Circular Vibrating Screen Operation and Maintenance ?

In the useing progress of circular vibrating screen,it’s necessary to operate correctly and maintain the vibrating screen, now DSMAC will give you some tips about vibrating screen maintenance and operation:

1. Before starting, we should inspect every fasteners bolt of vibrating screen whether to become less crowded, if it has, we should fasten it one time.

2. After the sieve machine has empty motion for 4-6 hours, the sieve body should be steady.

3. After idle operation movement, we should examine every spots spiral of vibrating screen fastens one time.

4. In normal work, it should have periodic inspection of every fasteners bolt tight situation.

5. Inspect vulnerable, the use and the maintenance frequently, please refer to the instruction for use. (vibrating motor should be refueled one time after 3 months, driver be refueled one time every month, a minor repair half year, a overhaul one year.)

6.Before equipping parts on screening machine, should be cleaning and oiling in advance.

7.When the bearing is damaged,it is best to replace two of bearing at the same time.If due to limited condition,can not replace both two of bearing,should disassemble all the bearing ,clean them and then do the installation.

8.When install a new vibrating screen mesh,must make the connection between screen mesh and screen box angle steel or groove steel firmed,and tighten them.

9. When the vibrating screen working, you should observed the sieve machine operational aspect continuously, if there are not normal movements or unusual sound about the vibrating screen, should shutdown the machine and check, discover the reason then remove difficulty.
If you are interested in vibrating screen and other crusher machines and screens, please contact us online.