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How to prolong the jaw crusher spares service life?

Jaw plates are the main jaw crusher spare parts. This jaw crusher uses motor as its power. Through the motor’s wheels, the eccentric shaft is driven by the triangle belt and slot wheel to make the movable jaw plate move by a regulated track. Therefore, the materials in the crushing cavity composed of fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and side-lee board can be crushed and discharged through the discharging opening. If jaw plates are worn, jaw crusher working efficiency will be reduced. So the life of the jaw plate has a decisive influence on the working efficiency and the cost of the crusher. Thus, to prolong the life of the crushing plate is of great significance. Some tips will be shared in this article:

1.The tooth peak of the crushing plates of the motive jaw and the fixed jaw should be faced to the tooth valley while being designed. Thus, the crushing plate can squeeze the materials, as well as bend them, which make the materials easy to be crushed. To prolong the life, the crushing plates have been designed as symmetrical shapes for the mediate and small type crushers. When the downside is abraded, the upside can be turned over to be used again.

For the large type jaw crushers, the crushing plates are designed as several symmetrical lumps, in order to prevent some of the plates from being abraded. The materials of the crushing plates can be the white cast iron, which has high hardness, good wearability, easy to find and low price, as well as the disadvantages of brittle, easy to be rived and short life. Therefore, to prolong the life of the crushing plate, it is better to use the 12% manganese, usually ZGMn13. The toughness of the Mn is high, in spite of its low hardness (about 210 HB). However, since it has the characteristics of cold working hardening, it is strengthened under pressure constantly. Thus, it can be strengthened ceaselessly with the ceaseless abrading until it is abraded to its limitation. The manganese steel crushing plates should be dealt by the water toughening after being cast. The process of water toughening is similar to the quenching, i.e., to cool the manganese steel crushing plates that have been heat up to 1000 to 1 100 ℃ quickly in the water. After water toughening, the even metallographic structure can be got and fastened, which can avoid the decreasing of the nature because of the phase change during the applying. On the other hand, the price of the manganese steel plate is relatively high.

2. While being installed, the crushing plate should be fixed tightly on the jaw plate. The soft metal should be added as the shim and fastened by the bolts between the crushing plate and the jaw plate. When the crusher is working, the crushing plate should not be flexible, or the crushing plate will be easy to broken or abraded. Therefore, the installing of crushing plate is important to prolong its life.

3. Some items shoud be paied attention to when using jaw crusher:

When the machine is working, since the jaw plate is working directly with the materials, the impacting force is very strong, especially when crushing the materials of high hardness, which can lead to the vibrating of the bolts, the loosening of the nuts, the noise caused by the abrading of the crushing plate, even can lead to the drop and the broken of the crushing plate to stop the production. It is not enough just to fasten the bolts and nuts before setting up the machine. The problems should be solved case by case. For example, the spring against pine vibration reduction device can be used to solve the problem of the loosening of the crushing plates to prolong the life and improve the efficiency.

Above all, it is important to prolong the jaw plate woking life, then high wear-resistant jaw crusher plates can improve the working efficiency of the jaw crushers and reduce the cost of production. DSMAC have many excellent and experienced experts, they will do their best to help you solve all problems. You can consult us at any time.

Improve the jaw plate service life

The jaw plate is the main jaw crusher spares, it is divided into moving jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate, the size of a variety of models based on different models of jaw crusher, the DSMAC jaw plates are suitable for all kinds of jaw crusher.The key to safe, reliable, and stable operation of a jaw crusher jaw plate, Our jaw plate wear, compressive strength, long life and so manufacturers can greatly reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, has exported to India,South Africa,Chile, Russia, Western Europe, North America and so on.

The jaw crusher is of a working chamber by moving jaw and fixed jaw, the movable jaw and the fixed jaw to withstand the tremendous crushing force and friction materials, easily worn in order to protect the jaw, generally moving jaw and fixed jawsurface mount the wear of the liner, this liner, also known as a broken plate. Broken the surface of the plate is usually made ​​of tooth, broken tooth peaks, board angle of 90 ° ~ 120 °, its size is determined by the nature of the materials being broken and block, crushing the bulk material, the angle to be bigger; crushing small block of material, the angle can be smaller. The size of the pitch depends on the granularity of the product is usually taken approximately equal to the width of the discharge port, than desirable tooth height and pitch of 1/2 ~ 1/3.

The work of the board two parts wear is not the same speed, the lower wear out faster than the upper, broken, broken plates in the jaw crusher, direct contact with the material to withstand the tremendous crushing force and the friction of the material,crushing the life of the board is directly related to the jaw crusher work efficiency and production costs, therefore, extend the life of the jaw crusher broken board is particularly important. Strengthen jaw broken machine broken plate life can be considered in terms of design, material selection, assembly and use in the process of improvement.

Assembly, broken boards must be firmly attached to the E-board, between the two should be leveled, broken between the plate and the jaw with a soft metal (such as lead, zinc, etc.) for gasket and bolt. Crusher, crushing the board there should be no loosening, or easily broken or worn broken board, reduce the service life of the broken plate.

In conclusion, aspects to strengthen jaw plates life from material selection, assembly, and process improvements to strengthen jaw broken broken plate life, jaw rock breaking machine in order to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs. If you have any other question about jaw crusher spares-jaw plates, please contact us online or leave your message. We will design and offer you the suitable jaw plate according to your jaw plates drawing.

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