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How to install impact crusher?

As we all know, crusher machines play an important role in mining industry, jaw crusher is used as primary crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher are widely used as secondary crusher, and hammer crusher, mobile crusher are used in various crushing plant, but do you know how to install these crusher machines in right way before using these equipment? This article will tell you the details about impact crusher installation, here we will take impact crusher as an example:

Impact crusher has the latest manufacturing technology and the unique structure design.Its finished product is a cube,no tension and crack,and able to break all kinds of materials(granite,limestone,concrete,etc.) whose feeding size is within 500 mm and compressive strength is within 350MPa. It is applicable for crushing the semi-hard materials and have big throughput and small granularity of materials.

Some tips about impact crusher installation:

First, impact crusher electromechanical pump is equipped with vibrating unit, so it is necessary to tighten all fasteners during installation and before test run as well as in the production operation– we should check them regularly and fasten them timely.

Second, we should pay attention that the rotation direction of impact crusher (belt pulley is marked with rotation direction arrow) is irreversible while installing.

Third, equip with belt guard based on the installation situation after installing.

Fourth, the gap between impact plate and the board hammer should be gradually reduced according to practical situation; after which, rotate rotor for several circles to check whether there exists collision. After adjustment, lock sleeve nut lest impact plate colliding board hammer and cause accident.

At the last, because of the discharge port of impact crusher is in the underpart, so the mounting height as well as the cooperation way with feeding and discharging should be considered in system design.

It is important to install impact crusher in right way and maintain the machine in time, more information ,you can consult us online or leave a message, we will do our best to help you, we can offer high quality impact crusher with low price and best service.