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High quality crusher rotor is necessary for crusher

With the development of mining industry, mineral resources development and utilization is increasing. The crusher industry plays an important role.

There are many kind of crusher machines,such as jaw crusher,hammer crusher,impact crusher,cone crusher and roll crusher.As we know, the crusher spare parts are the main factor that have important influence on the crusher working efficiency. When the crusher parts are broken, the crusher can’t work. So it is necessary to know some knowledge of crusher spare parts. The crusher spares include crusher hammers, jaw plates, crusher rotor,impact blow bar, cone concave, grate plate, linear plate and others. In this article,we will tell some information about one kind of crusher spare parts-crusher rotor.

Crusher Rotor is the key component of crusher. After long time use, the hammer pin is likely to be out of shape, and the hammer plate and hammerhead are likely to break. All these problems have been completely solved as DSMAC manufactures optimized crusher rotor. DSMAC can customize various types of rotors in line with actual crusher types and clients’ requirements to be applied for various hammer crushers.
1.high crushing efficiency rotor.
2. improve capacity rotor.
3. extend service life.
There are some features on dsmac crusher rotor:
1.Do the stress analysis and service life can be improved by 50-100%.
2.Using the special design to increase the crushing efficiency effectively and improve the output capacity by 20-30%.

Crusher rotor can be used for impact crusher,hammer crusher, cone crusher and jaw crusher.

Beside the crusher rotor, impact blow bar is the main part of impact crusher, crusher hammers are the main hammer crusher parts,jaw plate is the unique crusher parts of jaw crusher,cone concave is the cone crusher spare part.DSMAC can offer the various kind of crusher spare parts with high wear-resistant.

As a professional manufacturer of crusher equipment and crusher spare parts, DSMAC can customize various types of crusher rotors in line with actual crusher types and clients’ requirements to be applied for various hammer crushers,impact crushers and cone crushers. The crusher rotor designed by DSMAC can certainly satisfy your crushing need and bring your operating cost down. If you need any help about crusher machines, crusher spare parts or crusher rotors, please contact us or send us your message.