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DSMAC Group is a crusher machines and sand making machine manufacturer with a complete line of crushing, grinding and screening equipment,offer jaw crusher,impact crusher,concrete crushers,rock crushers,cement crusher plant.

DSMAC Can Provide Various Types Of Crusher Spares

Founded in 1997, DSMAC Group is a crusher and sand making machine manufacturer with a complete line of crushing, grinding and screening equipment, and we also produce various crusher spares, such as crusher hammers, clinker crusher hammer, grinding ball, cone crusher concave, jaw plate ,rotor, roller.

Stone Crusher Hammers

BIG GOLD TEETH® crusher hammers is a highly wear-resistant parts. DSMAC manufactures this type of crusher hammers with external refining and pressure casting technologies. Molten steel is purer and the matrix is more compact. Our crusher hamemrs have a service life longer than those made of common high manganese steel and is safer to use. Crusher hammers aim at the crushing of limestone with abnormal content of SiO2. Crusher Hammers can be used in hard condition of serious abrasion.

Clinker Crusher Hammers

DSMAC has successfully designed and manufactured SANDWICH® Super High Chrome hammerhead which is used for clinker crushing equipment. Designed with incomparable high technology, it helps thoroughly solve the problem which has puzzled generations of scientific research personnel for cement and wear-resistant materials. “Sandwich” hammerhead features few wear parts, easy replacement, low cost, etc.

Grinding Balls

The matrix of nodular iron is changed through isothermal quenching. It embodies high strength, super high toughness and wear-resistance. It has been widely applied in mining industry and is fit for mill.

Crusher Grate Plate

Grate plate is manufactured with advanced techniques and features excellent wear resistance and high cost performance. Our company offers various grate plates according to actual crusher types.

Cone Crusher Concave

We can produce concave and mantle for hydraulic cone crusher/breaker, Jaw plate for jaw crusher/breaker and other wear spare parts for other crusher and breakers exactly as your drawings and material composition requirements. Materials: High Manganese, like Mn14Cr2, Mn18Cr2, Mn20Cr2, Mn22Cr2.

Crusher Liner Plate

Our company can customize in line with clients’ needs. All our liner plates are Φ5×10.5m large raw material liner plates which are manufactured with super strengthening wear resistant medium chromium alloy materials. Its expected service life is 2-3 times that of high manganese steel and it causes little noise and pollution.

Jaw Crusher Plate

Jaw plate is manufactured with super high manganese steel, therefore it has a service life 50~100% longer than those made of traditional high manganese steel. The special processing techniques ensure that our jaw plate has leading performance.

Impact Crusher Blow Bars

Manufactured with hypereutectic super high chromium, our blow bar has a service life 50~100% longer than those made of traditional high chromium iron. The special processing techniques ensure that our flat hammer has leading performance.

Hammer Crusher Rotor

Crusher rotor is the key component of crusher. After long time use, the hammer pin is likely to be out of shape, and the hammer plate and crusher hammers are likely to break. All these problems have been completely solved as DSMAC manufactures optimized crusher rotor. Our company can customize various types of rotors in line with actual crusher types and clients’ requirements to be applied for various hammer crushers.

Roller for Roller Press

The scientific research personnel of our company have solved the problem of roll squeezer roller overlaying which is good progress on the powder cement industry. Our company can provide various types of rollers in line with different roll squeezers. It has been widely applied in grinding industry and is fit for mill.

The use of small crusher can lead to product technical state changes

Small crusher received a variety of energy’s role in practice, the role of this energy include: the surrounding medium on the role of energy small crusher , the mission operators , repair personnel and the role of environmental conditions ; with small crusher operation and the agencies working on the internal energy , such as various loads , vibration, temperature, etc. ; in the manufacturing and assembly gathered in small crusher materials and components within the potential energy and so on.

The energy is mainly to small crusher mechanical energy , thermal energy , chemical energy in the form of existence. When the energy reaches a certain value , the process will lead to the emergence of harmful,causing small crusher parts of the initial performance and status changes. For example when it meet the negative a certain degree of power and speed of movement, the friction between the harmful process why results will lead to friction with the vice appear small crusher wear , so that small crusher with the movement of such changes.

With the development of harmful process,which make a small crusher parts injury at first. The specific performance of wear,deformation, cracks,fatigue , corrosion , damage to the emergence of small crusher parts of the structure parameters change,such as tolerance , geometric tolerances ,with the gap and other changes. Structural changes in the parameters has led to a small crusher function output parameters change in the parameters, such as small crusher output power and speed of change .

With the further expansion of the degree of injury , small crusher parts gradually exceeded the structural parameters of allowable values. If the small crusher parts exceed the allowed values of structural parameters , output parameters and functions do not exceed acceptable limits , it appeared that the small crusher potential failure , the corresponding abnormal state of the state .At this time,we should be adopted to eliminate maintenance ;If we used the small crusher a long time , the main components have reached the limits of structural parameters , output parameters and the system features go into serious overrun , with the economy decreased , this time the small crusher needs to overhaul or updated in a state of extreme technology .

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