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Concrete Crusher Machines for Mining and Quarrying

  Concrete Introduction:

  Concrete is basically an artificial stone. It’s used all over the world, and is known for its relative light weight, flexibility, strength, and long term durability.

  Concrete is normally made from cement, rough aggregate material, fine aggregate material, and additives. Many variations of concrete mixtures exist in order to conform to the many different potential uses.

  Smaller pieces of concrete can be used as gravel in things like road building. Larger pieces can be used to help control erosion. Even decorative and landscaping objects may be created by putting crushed concrete into wire meshes and containers.

  More Information about Concrete Crusher:

DSMAC Concrete Crusher for Sale in China

  A concrete crusher is designed to do exactly what it sounds like: take pieces of concrete and crush them down to finer granularity pieces. Concrete crushers come in a variety of types and sizes, and have varying capabilities in terms of the size of pieces they can crush as well as the size and purity of the resulting material.

  Various Concrete Crushers:

  1. concrete jaw crusher – first cement crushing stage

  2. concrete impact crusher – second stage crusher

  3. cone concrete crusher – second stage crusher

  4. hammer crusher – second stage crusher

  5. gas cone crusher – second stage crusher

  6. mobile cone crusher

  7. cell jaw crusher

  8. mobile impact crusher

  9. crawler type mobile crusher

  10. multi-crushing mobile crusher

  Working Principle of Concrete Crusher:

  First the slabs of concrete are broken into manageable pieces with things like jackhammers or other kinds of equipment. They’re then either moved to distant location for the crushing, or done onsite with a mobile concrete crusher. This has the benefit of both efficiency and environmental friendliness.

  The pieces are conveyed to the crusher either through a vibrating feeder, or a belt-driven mechanism.

  The pieces are fed into the crusher which normally has a two chambers to crush first the largest, and then the subsequently smaller pieces. Some machines even have a third to crush much smaller pieces.

  In the procedure of concrete production, our concrete crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher can be used to crush the slag cement, aggregate ,limestone, granite into small pieces, then the concrete mill including ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical roller mill and so on can be used to grinding them into powder styles to meet customer’s different requirements.

Concrete Breakers

Concrete Breakers information

The Concrete Breakers, designed and manufactured by DSMAC in China, is a highly effective alternative to conventional concrete breakers. The Concrete Breakers use a broad, flat breaking surface that delivers maximum power and exceptional speed – up to 30 blows a minute – while maintaining extremely low carrier shock.

DSMAC Concrete Breakers Advantages

The DSMAC Concrete Breakers has several important advantages over normal breaking methods:

• Speed

The adjustable drop height of the hammer weigh speeds up production in thinner concrete applications.

• Hydraulic function

The chain is hydraulically driven – the breaking weight is lifted and released, allowing the weight to free fall on to its target.

•Low carrier shock

Shock waves are dissipated through the patented skid system (and an internal backup shock absorber if necessary) leaving the carrier almost shock free.

• Simple operation

The breaking cycle runs automatically – the operator only has to manoeuvre the carrier so that each impact counts.


The Hurricane Concrete Breaker never has to be recharged and has a simple design with no high cost hammer points to replace, and no internal parts such as accumulators or pistons – hence no costly rebuilds.

•Easy cleanup

Traditional breakers punch holes in the concrete, requiring further breaking during the cleanup phase. The Hurricane Concrete Breakers thoroughly breaks the material from top to bottom, making cleanup simple and fast.

•Multiple carrier options

The Hurricane Concrete Breakers fits to skidsteers, excavators and backhoes, so contractors can choose the setup which best suits the application