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DSMAC Group is a crusher machines and sand making machine manufacturer with a complete line of crushing, grinding and screening equipment,offer jaw crusher,impact crusher,concrete crushers,rock crushers,cement crusher plant.

200-250t/h sand production line for sale price in Nigeria

200-250t/h sand production line for sale price in Nigeria

This sand Production Line of our DSMAC mainly consists of Vibrating Feeder, Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, Vibrating Screen, Belt Conveyors and Control System, etc. Completely suitable for crushing and screen ing limestone, marble, granite, basalt, river stone and so on, and produce sand & gravels with various granularities for construction and building industry. We are able to design and manufacture complete crusher plants with capacity from 30tph to 1000tph, and to provide optimum and most economical solutions according to customers’ requirements on stone specifications, capacity, application, etc. today we will take our most hot sale model of 200-250tph sand production line for example.

200-250tph sand production line equipment configuration

Based on different client different requirement, we recommend this configuration follows for you if you want to set up a 200-250tph sand production line;

1. Vibrating feeder ZSW490X110151 one set

2. Jaw crusher PE750X1060/ PE900*1200 one set

3. Impact crusher PF1315/ PFV-1315 one set

4. Vibrating screen 3YK2160X30 one set

200-250tph sand production line working principle

In the working process, firstly, feeding with the vibrating feeder, secondly use PE750*1060 (capacity 130 – 260 t/h) or PE900*1200 (capacity 220-500 t/h) jaw crusher to do the primary crushing, thirdly, use the PF1315 (160-260t/h) or PFV-1315 (150-300t/h) impact crusher as the secondary crushing, finally use the vibrating screen screening the different sizes of final products according to different requirements.

This sand production line suitable for using in large-scale and medium mining industry, the user can improve the main crushing equipment and accessory broken equipment models to get higher capacity.

200-250tph sand production line for sale in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with very abundant mining resource, and developing fast these years, with the society and economy progressing, Nigeria pay more and more attentions to mining industry, under this situation, Nigeria need more crusher and sand making machine and other mining equipment, and our 200-250tph sand production line has been well welcomed in Nigeria and has an excellent performance.

200-250tph sand production line manufacturer

Founded in 1997, DSMAC Group is a crusher and sand making machine manufacturer with a complete line of crushing, grinding and screening equipment. Our equipment can be used in the mining, building materials, metallurgy, transportation, coal, chemical and environmental protection industries, our products have been sold to many countries, The United States, Germany, India, France, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Pakistan and the Congo, etc. more and more countries join the family of DSMAC because of the trust and mutual benefits.

600 TPH coal vibrating feeder for sale in Australia

The vibrating feeder is mainly utilized for continuously and evenly feeding coarse crusher, screening fine aggregate, and therefore enhances crusher capacity. When operated, the vibrating feeder can send huge and granular materials towards the receiving device evenly, regularly and continuously.

Coal vibrating feeder

Coal vibrating feeder is the main equipment in coal crushing plant. Besides 600 TPH coal vibrating feeder for sale in Australia, DSMAC supplies ZSW-100 vibrating feeder with capacity 100 TPH, 150 TPH ZSW-150 vibating feeder, 200 TPH coal vibrating feeder, 250 TPH coal vibrating feeder, 300 TPH vibrating feeder, 500 TPH vibrating feeder, 630 TPH vibrating feeder, 800-1200 TPH SZSW630 vibrating feeder for sale.

ZSW-630 coal vibrating feeder

As for 600 TPH vibrating feeder, ZSW-630 vibrating feeder is the best choice.

ZSW-630 vibrating feeder is desinged with Feeding trough size (mm) : 3025*876, Max feeding granularity (mm) : 1000; Production capacity (t/h): 630; Power (kw) : 45; Weight (t): 13.6; Dimension (mm*mm): 6090*2515*3438.

The vibrating feeder has been widely used in crushing and screen joint equipment in the industries of metallurgy, beneficiation, building materials,chemical engineering, coal mine, material grinding, etc. The vibrating feeder embodies the functions of screening and feeding. The vibrating device enables the equipment to give full play of its vibrating and screening function. It is the ideal equipment of excellent combination functionality.

Coal crushing plant

In coal crushing plant, besides vibrating feeder, the users should select vibrtating screen, suitable coal crusher (jaw crusher for primary crushing, impact crusher or coal crusher for secondary crushing, hammer crusher, roll crusher and others ), belt conveyor and so on. In order to select suitable coal crusher or coal vibrating feeder, it is better to send the details of the requirement to the manufacturer and supplier, then the experts will recommend suitable equipment according to the requirement.

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How does apron feeder feed raw materials to belt conveyor?

As we all know, apron feeder is used to send the raw materials to the crusher machines or belt conveyor, then how does apron feeder feeding the raw materials to belt conveyor? That is to say, what is apron feeder working principle?

Apron feeders are designed for uniform and regulated feed of loose and lump materials from feed bin to crushing aggregates and transporters of different types.

Apron Feeders are efficiently used for high impact and heavy load. Depending upon the application, these are available with different versions that are pressed formed, fabricated or cast aprons which are used with either roller or chain as required. Steel cast aprons are employed for heavy impact. Rugged and reliable Abhishek Apron Feeders find application for mines & minerals, steel plants, coal fields, cement plants, thermal power stations, quarries and ports & harbors. In addition, the range is also extensively used in aggregate making, crushing / screening, heavy chemicals and paper mills. These are used to extract or control the feed rate ranging from 5 to 3000 TPH.

How does apron feeder work?

Components of apron feeder: Apron feeder consists of frame-basis , feed bin , transporting cloth, drive sprocket, supporting rolls, back sprocket, motor-reducer, device of bin outlet opening regulation and delivery case.

Apron feeder working principle: After the drive of transporting cloth is switched on loose or lump material is moved with the bucket loader into the feed bin of feeder. The cloth plates drag grains or separate lumps of material and move them to the outlet hole. You can regulate volume material flow on the transporting cloth by increasing or decreasing of the lifting height of outlet hole lock. Fine regulation of feeder productivity is provided at the expense of changing of drive sprocket rotation frequency. Movable material leaves the feed bin of apron feeder and through the case of delivery goes to a mill, crushing-sorting aggregate or transport unit.

Belt conveyor is used to convey the raw materials to next equipment, sucha as jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen and so on. DSMAC can offer various apron feeders and belt conveyors. More information about apron feeder working principle, you can visit http://www.chinacrushing.com/products/apron-feeder.html to contact the service staff to get help immediately.

Vibrating feeder for coal mining

Coal is the main resource in our life, it is important to take advantage of coal, one whole coal crushing plant contains vibrating feeder, coal crusher, vibrating screen and belt conveyor, vibrating feeder is the necessary equipment in coal mining, in this paper, we will share details about vibrating feeder for coal mining.

vibrating feeder for coal crushing

Vibrating Feeder for Coal Mining

Vibrating feeder used in coal mining

Vibrating Feeder is a kind of linear direction feeding equipment. It features smooth vibrating, reliable operation, long service life and being suitable for feeding. They are widely used in mining, building-material, silicate and chemical industry in the crushing and screening plants.

In the coal crushing plant, it can send materials to crusher evenly and continuously and at the same time, it can screen materials roughly. It can be used in these areas such as metallurgical industry, coal mining industry, mining-selecting, building, chemical and grinding industry, etc.

Coal vibrating feeder working process

Vibrating feeder consists of vibrating frame, spring, vibrator, motor vibrating device and motor. The vibrator is made of two fixed eccentric shafts whose gears are jogged. When installation, the two gears must be jogged according to the sign. Through drive of the motor, the two eccentric shafts start rotating to produce a linear huge power which forces the feeder to vibrate. Through the vibration, the materials will slip and sling on the funnel, moving forward, when the materials pass the screening part, smaller parts will fall down, and avoiding the further crushing, so screening purpose can be reached.

DSMAC is the main coal vibrating feeder manufacturer, besides vibrating feeder, it also can offer apron feeder, Reciprocating Feeder, BDG Undulate Roller Feeder. These feeder equipment are widely used in mining industry, construction industry, what’s more, DSMAC produces various mining equipment and crushing plants to meet the clients’ requirement.

Apron feeders have been widely used for the mining industry

BW apron feeder is the main feeder equipment. This apron feeder could be used as the conveying equipment of the various lump and loose materials from the warehouse to crusher, belt conveyor and other machine at both the horizontal and inclining direction.


Apron feeders have been widely used for the industry of mining, metallurgy and cement. It is the very important machine on the raw material treatment and the continuous production line. Especially, it is good for conveying the big block and sharp shaped material. If it is used in cement production, the lump size of the limestone or gypsum to be conveyed must be less than 1000mm.

There are some features about DSMAC BW series apron feeder:

1.Impact loads are absorbed by pans of rolled alloy/ cast alloy/ manganese steel material depending on application and are similar to heavy-duty track-type undercarriage shoes.

2.Pans are bolted to forged link chains supported on heavy-duty lifetime lubricated rollers.

3.High strength pans resist abrasion and withstand heavy impact loads.

4.Short pitch and precision-machined chain provides noise-free discharge of material with negligible impact on receiver.

5.Chain and roller flanges maintain rigid alignment of pans in relation to skirt.

DSMAC Apron Feeders are engineered for heavy-duty operation and for primary or subsequent application stages. These custom-built machines are designed to suit individual requirements of capacity, size and material to be handled. The apron feeder also has an integral matching scraper conveyor with built-in drive to handle spillage. This system ensures an economic layout and increases belt conveyor length and a conventional system with spillage chute. The apron feeders are specially designed to minimize maintenance. If you are interested in DSMAC apron feeder, you can contact us.

Vibrating screen is one of the main equipment in coal crushing plant

Coal is one of the most important energy, which plays an extremely important role in social and economic development. For coal crushing,coal crushing plant is the best choice. Coal crushing plant consists of many types of crushers and grinding mills. As a professional crusher machines manufacturer,DSMAC can design and supply various coal crushing and screening equipment for one complete of coal crushing plant,such as jaw crusher can be used as the primary crusher,spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher is widely used as secondary crusher, and impact crusher is popular as tertiary crushing. More over, vibrating screen is necessary in coal crushing plant.
Vibrating screen consists of vibration exciter, ore slurry distributor, screen frame, machine frame, suspension springs and sieve, etc. This series screens are always used in processing minerals such as ferrous metals including hematite and magnetic and nonferrous metals including lead, zinc, glod and silver etc. This machine works in a re-circulating network with ball mill, which can upgrade the fineness of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Its efficiency is twice as that of spiral classifier. It adopts the high frequency and low amplitude vibration, widely for the process of powder in coal, metallurgy, electric, construction and chemical industry.
Then,how does vibrating screen work?
vibrating mesh screen consists of base,frame,rubber damping spring,low frequency electromagnetic vibrator,screen box,mesh screen,high frequency electromagnetic vibrator,support,angle adjustment bar and electronic control box. When the machine operate, the low frequency electromagnetic vibrator vibrate the feeder and output part of the mesh screen directly to move the whole screen. At the same time,the high frequency electromagnetic vibrator shake the middle of mesh screen through the rubber cushion. Different frequency vibrate conducive to the delivery of materials and grading. The mesh screen compound from three stainless steel screen layer, the lowest screen layer is high strength primary screen which is connected with the shake motor,the other two layers are workable screen in mine processing.
Vibrating screen is one of our main products,it can be used in many crushing plant,such as stone crushing plant,sandstone production line,limestone crushing plant,coal crushing plant and so on.The machine is high strength,reliable,high capacity and long service life.When the feed speed and density of the material is suitable, the size of material under screen is more than 70% on the screen, Screening efficiency is more than 70%. So the vibrating screen is being applied widely.
DSMAC supplies high quality vibrating screen that is designed to work at resonance state in order to save energy. If you are interested in vibrating screen,you can tell us your requirements to get more information immediately.

BDG Undulate Roller Feeder is manufactured by DSMAC


BDG undulate roller feeder is one new type of feeder equipment. This equipment is a combined machine, which has dual fuction: feeding and sieving. It is designed specially to feed the heavey crushers continuously. Owing to the front-sieving, this equipment can sieve out the desirable, fine materials, that improves the production capacity of the whole crushing system, and reduces the attrition to crushers. Usually, the fine materials contain mud, and the mud may jam the crusher. So it can avoid the jam by sieving out the fine materials in advance. This machine is many rollers feeder equipment, rollers tun same direction, make the stone from one border. Because these rollers have embossment arris. The gap between adjacent roll forming can make broken material leakage. The machine is divided into steel hopper, feeding section and sieve section.

BDG Undulate Roller Feeder working principle:

DSMAC BDG undulate roller feeder is divided into steel hopper, feeding section and sieve section. This machine is multiple-roller delivering equipment. Every roller rotating in the same direction, the ores are transported from one side to the other side. Because all the rollers have embossment arrises, the crushed aggregates can be leaked from the interspace between the adjacent rollers.

Some advantages about BDG Undulate Roller Feeder as follows:

The equipment suits to feeding the lutaceous materials and pre-sieving.

The sieve pore not easily blocking by wet material.

The feed quantity can according to crushers load automatic adjustment, it can improve work efficiency fully.

The structure of equipment is simple and the operation is reliable.

BDG undulate roller feeder is our hottest product, the feeders are widely accepted for its features including simple construction, easy operation, least maintenance and long service life. DSMAC can offer you high quality roller feeder, if you are interested in our products, please contact us freely. More information about feeder equipment, you can visit:


how to operate sand washing machine is reasonable?

Sand washing machine is cleaning sand equipment, It can wash away the sand containing dust and improve the quality of sand. However,how to operate sand washing machine is reasonable?
1. According to the site-specific circumstances, after the protective equipment installed on the belt ,then operating sand washing machine
2. Shall not addjing exceed the specified size of the gravel material.
3. Before starting the sand washing machine, rotate the rotor by hand first, check machine parts is no abnormal.
4. sand washing machine should be the fixed direction of rotation,not the reverse rotation
5. When sand washing machineis running, is strictly prohibited for repair and cleanup work, is strictly prohibited boot repair.
6. The workplace should not be piled up junk, and must have adequate lighting of lighting equipment.
7. when the sand washing machine is running, if there is abnormal vibration or noise, they should immediately stop feeding until the material inside the drained, immediately stop the motor, shutdown checking, troubleshooting, in order to continue operating. the tight situations stop the motor and then boot.

DSMAC is a major manufacturer of sand washing machine in China and has obtained ISO9001:2008 certification.

DSMAC also offer sand making machine,Vibrating Feeder,Reciprocating Feeder,Vibrating Screen,Linear Screen,Apron Feeder,Belt Conveyor.