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How does apron feeder feed raw materials to belt conveyor?

As we all know, apron feeder is used to send the raw materials to the crusher machines or belt conveyor, then how does apron feeder feeding the raw materials to belt conveyor? That is to say, what is apron feeder working principle?

Apron feeders are designed for uniform and regulated feed of loose and lump materials from feed bin to crushing aggregates and transporters of different types.

Apron Feeders are efficiently used for high impact and heavy load. Depending upon the application, these are available with different versions that are pressed formed, fabricated or cast aprons which are used with either roller or chain as required. Steel cast aprons are employed for heavy impact. Rugged and reliable Abhishek Apron Feeders find application for mines & minerals, steel plants, coal fields, cement plants, thermal power stations, quarries and ports & harbors. In addition, the range is also extensively used in aggregate making, crushing / screening, heavy chemicals and paper mills. These are used to extract or control the feed rate ranging from 5 to 3000 TPH.

How does apron feeder work?

Components of apron feeder: Apron feeder consists of frame-basis , feed bin , transporting cloth, drive sprocket, supporting rolls, back sprocket, motor-reducer, device of bin outlet opening regulation and delivery case.

Apron feeder working principle: After the drive of transporting cloth is switched on loose or lump material is moved with the bucket loader into the feed bin of feeder. The cloth plates drag grains or separate lumps of material and move them to the outlet hole. You can regulate volume material flow on the transporting cloth by increasing or decreasing of the lifting height of outlet hole lock. Fine regulation of feeder productivity is provided at the expense of changing of drive sprocket rotation frequency. Movable material leaves the feed bin of apron feeder and through the case of delivery goes to a mill, crushing-sorting aggregate or transport unit.

Belt conveyor is used to convey the raw materials to next equipment, sucha as jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen and so on. DSMAC can offer various apron feeders and belt conveyors. More information about apron feeder working principle, you can visit http://www.chinacrushing.com/products/apron-feeder.html to contact the service staff to get help immediately.

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