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DSMAC Group is a crusher machines and sand making machine manufacturer with a complete line of crushing, grinding and screening equipment,offer jaw crusher,impact crusher,concrete crushers,rock crushers,cement crusher plant.

Sand making machine application and working principle

With the fast development of the building industry, the use amount of the natural sand is also increasing greatly. Now sand maker has become indispensable sand making equipment in the modern building industry.

The transformation made by the building industry in the market-oriented time provides fair competition platform for the sand maker manufacturing companies. At the same time, the principle of developing towards ecological and environmental protection advocated by the government also requires the sand maker manufacturing companies to produce high-quality vertical shaft impact crusher and hammer crusher.

sand making machine working principle

In order to make it come true and stand out in the fierce competition and also to make more customers use excellent and energy-saving sand making machines, DSMAC constantly researches and develops and has produced new type energy-saving and environmentally friendly sand making equipment relying on core technology and this equipment enjoys high popularity among the customers.

Working principle of Sand making machine:

1. Center Feeding: Raw material falls down into feed hopper, and then enters impellor through central entrance hole. It is accelerated in high-speed impellor, and then is thrown out at speed of 60-75m/s. When hitting impact plate, it is crushed. Final products come downwards though outlet.

2. Ring Feeding: Raw material falls down into feed hopper, and then through ring, it is divided into two parts by material-dividing plate. One enters into impellor through the center of material-dividing plate. The other falls down from outside of material-dividing plate. Material, which is thrown out by impellor at speed of 60-75m/s, hits material coming down from outside of material-dividing plate. In this way, material is crushed.

DSMAC is professional crusher machines and sand making machine manufacturer, it offers high quality sand maker, the sand making machine ( also called as vertical shaft impact crusher ) is the advanced crushing machine which is developed by introducing the advanced technology of America and combining the actual situation of domestic sand making industry. This machine can broken not only river pebble but also all kinds of pebble, ore, cement, refractory, building sand and various kinds of metallurgy slag. It has significant effect on crushing magnesia and other high-hard and corrosion-resistant ores.

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