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Belt conveyor is a tie for production between production machinery and equipment

Belt conveyor is the necessary and economical equipment in the continuous production line. According to the transferring capacity, the belt conveyor can be divided into two types: the heavy type for mining conveyor and the light type for plastic.


Features and benefits:

Conveyor belt is suitable for both stationary and mobile crushing plants; it is widely used in mining, metallurgical and coal industry to transfer sandy or lump materials or packaged materials. The transfer system can be one single or multi-conveyors or combined with other transfer equipment according to various transferring requirements. Belt conveyor features with strong transferring capacity, easy maintenance and long conveying distance.

Working principle of Belt conveyor:

The motor drives the driving rollers of the belt conveyor, and drives the roller by the strong belt advances. Materials are conveyed from the original place to the place where they are needed.

Conveyer Belt can be used as a tie for production between production machinery and equipment, in order to achieve the continuity of production processes and automation to improve productivity and reduce labor intensity . With throughput, long distance transmission, smooth transportation, materials and Conveyer no relative movement, noise smaller, simple structure and easy maintenance, less energy consumption, and the advantages of standardization of components, thus widely used in mining, metallurgical, chemical, casting, building materials, and other industries, as well as transportation and production lines hydropower station construction sites and port and other production sectors.it is used to transport materials or a loose items.

Depending on years’ abundant experience,DSMAC is world famous and professional beneficiation equipment, crushing plant and grinding machine manufacturer., it can offer various ore crushing plant and crusher machines and belt conveyor. According to your requirements,DSMAC can help you select suitable belt conveyor.If you are interested in our belt conveyor,please contact us freely or leave your message.

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