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BDG Undulate Roller Feeder is manufactured by DSMAC


BDG undulate roller feeder is one new type of feeder equipment. This equipment is a combined machine, which has dual fuction: feeding and sieving. It is designed specially to feed the heavey crushers continuously. Owing to the front-sieving, this equipment can sieve out the desirable, fine materials, that improves the production capacity of the whole crushing system, and reduces the attrition to crushers. Usually, the fine materials contain mud, and the mud may jam the crusher. So it can avoid the jam by sieving out the fine materials in advance. This machine is many rollers feeder equipment, rollers tun same direction, make the stone from one border. Because these rollers have embossment arris. The gap between adjacent roll forming can make broken material leakage. The machine is divided into steel hopper, feeding section and sieve section.

BDG Undulate Roller Feeder working principle:

DSMAC BDG undulate roller feeder is divided into steel hopper, feeding section and sieve section. This machine is multiple-roller delivering equipment. Every roller rotating in the same direction, the ores are transported from one side to the other side. Because all the rollers have embossment arrises, the crushed aggregates can be leaked from the interspace between the adjacent rollers.

Some advantages about BDG Undulate Roller Feeder as follows:

The equipment suits to feeding the lutaceous materials and pre-sieving.

The sieve pore not easily blocking by wet material.

The feed quantity can according to crushers load automatic adjustment, it can improve work efficiency fully.

The structure of equipment is simple and the operation is reliable.

BDG undulate roller feeder is our hottest product, the feeders are widely accepted for its features including simple construction, easy operation, least maintenance and long service life. DSMAC can offer you high quality roller feeder, if you are interested in our products, please contact us freely. More information about feeder equipment, you can visit:


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