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Some Tips of Circular Vibrating Screen Operation and Maintenance ?

In the useing progress of circular vibrating screen,it’s necessary to operate correctly and maintain the vibrating screen, now DSMAC will give you some tips about vibrating screen maintenance and operation:

1. Before starting, we should inspect every fasteners bolt of vibrating screen whether to become less crowded, if it has, we should fasten it one time.

2. After the sieve machine has empty motion for 4-6 hours, the sieve body should be steady.

3. After idle operation movement, we should examine every spots spiral of vibrating screen fastens one time.

4. In normal work, it should have periodic inspection of every fasteners bolt tight situation.

5. Inspect vulnerable, the use and the maintenance frequently, please refer to the instruction for use. (vibrating motor should be refueled one time after 3 months, driver be refueled one time every month, a minor repair half year, a overhaul one year.)

6.Before equipping parts on screening machine, should be cleaning and oiling in advance.

7.When the bearing is damaged,it is best to replace two of bearing at the same time.If due to limited condition,can not replace both two of bearing,should disassemble all the bearing ,clean them and then do the installation.

8.When install a new vibrating screen mesh,must make the connection between screen mesh and screen box angle steel or groove steel firmed,and tighten them.

9. When the vibrating screen working, you should observed the sieve machine operational aspect continuously, if there are not normal movements or unusual sound about the vibrating screen, should shutdown the machine and check, discover the reason then remove difficulty.
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