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how to operate sand washing machine is reasonable?

Sand washing machine is cleaning sand equipment, It can wash away the sand containing dust and improve the quality of sand. However,how to operate sand washing machine is reasonable?
1. According to the site-specific circumstances, after the protective equipment installed on the belt ,then operating sand washing machine
2. Shall not addjing exceed the specified size of the gravel material.
3. Before starting the sand washing machine, rotate the rotor by hand first, check machine parts is no abnormal.
4. sand washing machine should be the fixed direction of rotation,not the reverse rotation
5. When sand washing machineis running, is strictly prohibited for repair and cleanup work, is strictly prohibited boot repair.
6. The workplace should not be piled up junk, and must have adequate lighting of lighting equipment.
7. when the sand washing machine is running, if there is abnormal vibration or noise, they should immediately stop feeding until the material inside the drained, immediately stop the motor, shutdown checking, troubleshooting, in order to continue operating. the tight situations stop the motor and then boot.

DSMAC is a major manufacturer of sand washing machine in China and has obtained ISO9001:2008 certification.

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